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Music...KRHV's music is Classic Rock & Modern Rock, as well as specialty programming and more... over 4 decades of rock n' roll hand picked for your listening pleasure.


News...KRHV is an NBC News affiliate. KRHV also provides up-to-the-minute local and regional stories tailored to the thousands of locals and millions of visitors.


Information...Because KRHV broadcasts 24 hours per day to a wide geographic area, we are the main source of immediate information; weather conditions are provided by Howard Scheckter, road and travel conditions by CalTrans, ski conditions, fishing reports, cultural activities, sporting events, and other special programs are presented on a regular and continuing basis.


Promotions...KRHV promotes itself and advertisers throughout the entire year with frequent contests and on-air giveaways, posters, newspapers, magazines, billboards, television, and live remotes from numerous local events and activities.


Commercials...KRHV has a full staff of very creative and talented production people, and all finished work is cleared with the advertiser and program director in order to maintain a consistent quality and sound to fit our programming. KRHV also provides production facilities and services, generally at no charge to our advertisers.



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